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Weltune Auto Service is a leading automotive repair and servicing work shop located at Yishun Industrial Park A that has more than 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

We believe in doing only the best to assist customers with any automotive problems. Our skilled technicians are armed with years of experience and extensive knowledge in the latest car diagnostic technologies. Customers can rest easy knowing that we are able to provide them with the best solution to their automotive problems.

We not only repairs but also sell and program all manners of ECUs & car keys.

Our long history in the industry coupled with our excellent workmanship has earned us exclusive distributor rights in Singapore to the leading diagnostics systems used in Korea and Germany, G-Scan and Jaltest.

We have a myriad of ECUs for all makes and brands of cars from all over the world. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts will be able to assist you should you want to purchase, repair or program an ECU. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries!

• Accident Repairs
• Battery Maintenance
• Commercial Van & Truck Servicing
• Engine Servicing
• Engine Overhauling
• ECU Tuning

• ECU Sale / Repairs / Programming
• LTA / Vicom Pre Inspection
• Programming / Duplicating of Car Keys
• Sales of SMT Gearbox
• Semi-automatic gearbox / Repair for Opel, Peugeot,
  Citro├źn, Renault, Toyota, Fiat
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Tel: (65) 6755 4064
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